R Baby Wrap Up

The energy around R Baby Foundation is swirling and quite remarkable. My in-box is brimming over expressions of gratitude for our roundtable but also with offers to do more to support RBF. The response to last Friday’s event has shown me just how powerful philanthropic moms can be. And this is right in line with my vision — the one where I am clear about just how much can be done through connecting for good.

My hypothesis for the day was simple — bring acomplished, strong, motivated, influential women into the room, introduce them to each other and to R Baby Foundation. Give them access to each other both personally and professionally. And of course, give them the tools, motivation and interest in applying their influence to the work of  improving pediactric emergency care. Then, webcast out and tweet in a rich dialog with women everywhere — offering an intimate yet inclusive experience that all links right back to RBF.

Did it work – I would say so. Here are some stats for starters:

219 people viewed the event (from both USA and Canada).

30 people attended the event live

567 tweets happened during the event

Take a look!

R Baby Foundation “Live” (Unedited) from TrakVu.com on Vimeo.