Process over Product – or Why I Love a Good Interview

You know that buzz? The one you feel when you have asked and answered at the top of your game? The one when you realize or remember that these past fifteen years have netted you a whole lot of wisdom, insight and clarity about an industry that you have lovingly help propel forward? The one where you happily and strongly suggest the reporter also source some of your most beloved colleagues including:  Chris Pegula, Liz Lange and Ingrid Carney as innovators and game-changers who must be acknowledged? The one where you easily walk a “newbie” through more than twenty years of industry back story in a narrative so compelling that  it leaves you both eager to keep the interview going? Well that was my gift of last week.

A good interview just feels good – plain and simple. And a good interview with an intelligent, insightful reporter is really the cherry on top.  As I like to say (no, I was not the first)  - nice work if you can get it! I am always grateful for when this caliber of reporter shows up at my door.

Thank you Bethany Clough for including me in your piece this weekend. I was more than flattered to be a source in your most recent Retail Therapy column for the Fresno Bee. But better than than the piece (which was well done) was the time spent in interview with you. What a treat! I think I’ll never get tired of of a good, well-informed conversation with a smart reporter with an eye for writing a worthwhile read.

Until next time…