Pretty Mama

News! Julia Roberts will give birth to her third child this summer! This news according to Page Six. Julia Roberts’ pregnancy news (along with the birth of the Diddy twins) marks an early to start to some of the key trends I see for 2007. To name a few:

Bigger Broods — Look for larger families from the celebrity Belly set (and certainly on Main street as well).

Multiple Mania — This will be the year of the multiple — expect twins and more twins and an emerging culture to support the boom.

Aspriational Pregnancy — Pregnancy and motherhood will continue to have an aspirational aspect to it with even those out of the demo paying careful attention and dreaming along!

Pregnancy By Association — This will continue, as expectant fathers, siblings, grandparents and even pets get in on the action.

Green as the new Luxe — Super smart, responsible choices dominate as the new luxury among parents.

Looking forward to an execptional 2007!