Philanthropic Friday – Philanthropic Moms Honor Roll

 Close your eyes and imagine a fireball of incredible energy, enthusiasm, passion and care — now look below and you will see the real thing – Melissa Chapman is all that and more. I adore her candor, compassion and humor. She can go from zero to 60 in one second flat — she is fast to respond to the call in all the very best ways. I have had the good fortune to have Melissa in my life for a few years. I can honestly say that each encounter – be it serious or silly leaves me feeling more of her incredible light and looking forward to the next time! Introducing my friend, the beautiful Melissa Chapman.

Melissa Chapman

Married My Sugar Daddy

What makes you a Philanthropic Mom?

I am actually very involved with an animal Rescue Organization based on Staten Island and Ohio called Louie’s Legacy and we are one of their event sponsors for their upcoming Race to Rescue event on September 15th and we are also fundraising for them as well!

What is an early or stand-out memory of community service, philanthropic commitment or another way in which you felt strongly connected to  an issue in the bigger world?

My parents used to DRAG us kicking and screaming to visit an old age home every weekend. But after a while I started enjoying it and especially loved the ladies fawning all over me and playing Barbies with me and never asking me to stop talking (I was quite the loquacious kid!)

Who was your biggest philanthropic influence?

That is such a great question-as part of our schooling as kids we were always required to do good deed projects and so, giving back was simply a part of my culture growing up. It was as everyday an occurence as watching TV. But I have to say the people at Louies Legacy have reignited this passion, this desire to leave the world a better place, to take care of those who cant care for themselves and well it is my GOAL to instill these same values in my kids.

What is the legacy of change you want to leave behind?

If you have the time give it. You don’t need to give money– you just need to give your time and talent- you have absolutely no idea how much giving even an hour of your time will impact the life of a less fortunate four legged or two legged creature.

What would your kids say about all of this?

They think I’m a bit of a crazy dog lady who drags them to Louie’s Legacy adoption events on the weekends and who has informed them that once they move out I am turning my home into an animal shelter– but I also see how these experiences have softened their hearts in small and big ways.