NYT Fight Club

Last night I was cozied in a sweet corner banquette next to (a very handsome) Bob and our dear friends Steve and Ellen. We were at one of my favorite “hard to score” tables in town – The Little Owl. The evening was part catch up and part planning – the way it is with friends you see too little of but enjoy immensely. coque iphone 7 We listened to details of their most recent trip to the Four Seasons Punta Mita which sounded off the charts wonderful. coque iphone pas cher They described their villa, the grounds, the pristine weather, the outstanding service, their travel companions and of course the food. coque iphone 2019

Steve was amazed by the number of small children who frequented the properties’ most elite dining spaces. coque iphone 6 He shared a story: One evening they walked in a dining room full of well dressed but less than well behaved tots and parents who while there were letting their offspring run wild among the haute cuisine. Steve and Ellen (along with their dining party) were a bit taken aback. coque iphone Upon noticing their obvious frustration with the “population” the host quickly whisked them into the lounge where they were offered drinks and some nibbles to keep them around until the romper room turned back in the dining room. I think that was not a bad call…

In today’s New York Times, Shivani Vora leads us on a guided (and gilded) tour through the looking glass – she shares a parallel universe, or even an altered state in which tots dine on $32 spaghetti with butter sauce at New York’s L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon (dare I confess that I was in my 40s before I had the good fortune of dining at this particular establishment). This of course after their stroller has been checked and they’ve been given a DVD player and movie to keep them engaged. Ms. Vora clearly did her research and logged some serious hours getting this piece to bed. Obviously, this was meant to be a service article – one in which readers of certain means could learn where to fine dine with kids (necessary or not, you decide). soldes coque iphone I love the concept of all parents having good resources and the information they need – but if you take a moment to read the comments on the New York Times website you realize that Ms. Vora actually published a “where not to eat” guide that is nothing more than a new battle field for the same old war .

And so you can assume there will be a great deal of back- lash to follow. coque iphone And, once again the conversation will not about something meaningful, but rather it will (it has) digress into an opening for yet another comment storm. At the time of this blog there were 73 comments (read them here) – ranging from outrage & absolute disgust to calls for death to the overindulgent, self-centered parents. And we are off…time for some good old fashioned, New York Times instigated parent on parent breeder v. non breader fighting.