Lessons of a Tattered Pink Ribbon

The conversation today is not about breast cancer, reproductive rights, right wing agendas or politics.

Today it is a branding conversation.

Join me, if you will for a quick look at the brand accountability, social media savvy, it’s how you protect, manage and strategically position your brand case study for the history books…

The Lessons of a Tattered Pink Ribbon

(or ten things we learned the day The Susan G. Komen Foundation died):

  • Social Media renders all entities transparent – thus accountability is key
  • Social Media has permanently shifted, altered and sped-up the way in which we receive, share and interpret information
  • This one fact defines how brands act, react and respond
  • Brands are accountable to ALL – no exceptions
  • All populations are a brands’ potential ally or foe – no exceptions
  • Brands must act with speed, candor and care – no exceptions
  • Brands must remain in a proactive, strategic stance not in a lesser reactionary mode —Planned Parenthood was brilliant in how they turned a significant funding loss into a giant brand, funding and positioning gain
  • Komen failed the exercise across the board
  • Pink is dead, Komen is over and their partners are stuck with the residual mess
  • The focus on real corporate responsibility (including all forms of organizations – non-profits included) is just beginning – pay attention…