A thank you from the tracks….

I am training North – not much new in that fact. I have left Bob, the kids (all four) and a beautiful DC day behind. Philly shines out my window. The Philadelphia Museum of Art (my Mother really was a decent docent!) , The Philadelphian (home of The Mommom – my incredible grandmother, muse and mentor), the River (skullers, boathouses, River Drives) – all landmarks of my childhood. All visible weekly from my train window. I don’t stop (not very often) I am simply passing though. I have lived longer away than I did there. Yet the lessons of those  formative years – the ones in which my sisters and I are shown by loving example who we should strive to be, how we should connect and care  for those around us and how we  have real responsibilities to the bigger picture – these powerful mandates stay with me, even today.  And, especially today, as I train on by on my way to bring something that I have incubated for nearly a year to life.

I have the feeling of being the in the right place (despite evidence to the contrary) because I am doing what I most believe in. And that is as good as it gets.

In the morning I am hosting a launch breakfast. I will introduce Jessica Seinfeld whose amazingly dedicated organization Baby Buggy will be the benefactor of a limited edition Rebecca Minkoff  for Bravado Designs nursing tank collection.  I will introduce Kathryn From who, at them helm of Bravado Designs, has always trusted me with her brand and given me an amazing swath of blank canvas on which to paint our shared commitment to super-serving and connecting all women with respect and with dignity. This is what I did – this is what I do…

I will stand with models adorned in these super chic nursing tank styles. And I will proudly share how 20% of all proceeds will go to support at-risk mothers. How a young mother will receive a tank or bra for each garment purchased. And how we are all connected — in our motherhood.

So yes Philly- I am training past you again – but I would not have had the chance  to be this woman had I not started there — with my eyes and heart wide open paying careful attention as I set off on my way….so from the tracks, thank you.