A Pregnant Woman Walks into the Hospital and says SHOOT ME!

Another day, another dollar. The New York Times has found another fresh new way to share all that is over the top about bringing baby into the world. And of course, in the center of it all…New York! This week’s installment of  If  You Exaggerate It They Will Come Birth Photography. And fine, good call and  major kudos to you New York Times — it has been well read, shared, tweeted, Facebooked, pontificated and likely spun into feature segment gold — a home run, me thinks!

Still, the curious one in me can’t help but wonder..

In a hosptial culture where labor photographers top the growing persona non grata list. And, in an article where we learn how little tolerance the medical staff has for the birthing entourage :

Dr. Moritz said that if someone trumpets the arrival of her professional birth photographer, “it’s going to be, ‘Really? Get out of here.’ ”

Then please, riddle me this — how the hell did they capture the image of the birth photographer capturing the birth?