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Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

All Kinds of Amazing – and Coming Soon!

Trick or Treat

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Lila strikes a pose in her halloween costume as Rosie the Riveter – adorable!

If you know much about Forty Weeks you must know we do things a little differently. And we like it that way! Our team is made up of the most driven, intelligent and clever moms in the market. coque iphone pas cher We are hell-bent on finding women who have left an idelible mark in the industry, had a baby or two and are in search of the next thing. coque iphone pas cher We like to be that next stop in a long career – it suits us and it suits them. We gain, we give and we all grow. Some stay for long periods of time (as in Gina who down-sized out of big agency life to run the media department at Forty Weeks for more than seven years) and others stay for a project or two (Alice, Teena, Nicole to name a few). We are better for all of these women and their contribution to our work. We hire moms by design. We are well known and proud of our open-door policy to all of our friends across pregnancy and baby-land — we are that most essential pivot, plan B and what comes next for outstanding talent. coque iphone 8 And good!

One outcome of is that we are surrounded by grateful, inspired team members who feel great about their balancing act (on balance!). Another outcome would be weeks like this…Natural disaster (loose two days), Halloween (loose one day for parades) family strep throat (ok that was last week – but loose two days). coque iphone soldes Days where sitting around the conference table ideating or prepping for a strategy session feels like some warped version of fantasy. Days in which memos read like urgent streams of consciousness (as they were written from a doctors waiting room or during a quick bathroom break at the halloween parade). coque iphone pas cher Those days (or weeks) are the trick. Simply put they are tricky but they leave the entire team feeling like we have found that illusive balance (even in the most micro sense) of personal and professional.


Monday, July 30th, 2012

Let me simply begin with I’ve been there. Powerless. Literally, figuratively – I have been without power. This year I’ve already logged my fair share of “PEPCO is a no-go” hours. Ten days this summer of spoiled food, sweltering heat, basement living…not the end of the world, but by no means ideal. coque iphone pas cher I have been there personally too as I navigate my way though some murky health waters. acheter coque iphone Again not killing, just making stronger…

So as the weather report and predictions for a severe Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast began to surface (and scare!) so too did my agenda began to take form. I began to plot my own plan to keep my power. coque iphone 6 Not via Pepco mind you, rather via the kindness of my beloved team at W hotels, the trust of my MIA (ok he is not missing, but he is in Beijing) husband and my overarching desire to turn this into a positive experience for all of us. My plan was simple: Check into the W, Washington DC with the kids, with the dog and with a lot of good energy. Bring excitement and adventure to a scenario that might otherwise create fear and anxiety. Offer up equal parts of security and silly – enough to weather the storm you might say…

And so we did. We loaded up the car and checked in – me doing my very best Auntie Mame, N. coque iphone pas cher Leah (my Mommom), Mama Bear – off for an adventure. It began with a family bar dine and Sam’s super VIP tour of the property (such great history there at the former Hotel Washington). Next we introduced Addie to the neighborhood via a walk which then required a little puppy nap! And finally, late-day Monday we all just found our groove. coque iphone 8 Hanging in the most comfortable of rooms, watching the sky darken and the wind pick up- we watched movies, played games and just stayed close. coque iphone We took cookies and espresso (for Mama of course) in the room and enjoyed the sheer luxury of it all. The sum was so much greater than the (remarkable) parts – it was not just the room nor the views (which were quintessential Washington -with grey skies and high, blustering winds seen having their way in the many fiercely flapping flags of the Treasury and other Federal buildings that surround the hotel), nor was it just the decadent cookies or even the amazing gift of all of us in one space with nowhere to go and nothing on our agendas. It seemed to me it was about showing my kids and reminding myself that there are ways to find power in love (giving, getting – it matters not) no matter the weather.

The punch line is (wait for it) – we never lost power here at home. And there is certainly a lesson in that as well. My local friends agree that my stay at the W, DC was the best insurance policy ever and maybe it was.

Bueller Parenting

Monday, July 30th, 2012

I just got to see the amazing Matthew Broderick Ferris Bueller Superbowl ad. coque iphone solde I loved it so I ran out and purchased a Honda CRV (OK, I already had one). coque iphone xr It was a treat and I am still smiling, ear to ear!

I grew up in the age of John Hughes. The 80s had a lot to teach us (my children find my knowledge of neon fashion, ripped tees and well John Hughes to be more than impressive/ annoying). coque iphone xs max But what they don’t get is how much I learned from Ferris Bueller. That day, that one wondrous day has it all…and there is nothing that comes close to that pitch-perfect movie. I have been trying to get my kids “in” but the movie moves too slowly for them, my kids can’t really appreciate it – somehow the wildest adventure of all time feels dull to them. soldes coque iphone I am miffed.

Still, Ferris has played a big part in their growing up. coque iphone 6 My parenting style (call it what you will) has always been balanced by an eye towards that day off. The fact that we all need it. And sometimes, quite badly. And so in the world where I am Mommy (cut to the 2012 Julia shot – still me , but wait – where are those cool highlights?!?!) each one of my kids is allowed one “mental health day” per year. On that day we go our own wild adventures – we visit museums, watch movies, try new restaurants, take a drive, take a shop, explore new neighborhoods – we just take a day off. It is completely a la Ferris and completely rich on so many levels. coque iphone 2019 I see them as they see the world – just one on one – with no agenda but discovery and fun. It is bonding and bumming all at once. coque iphone 6 An really it is priceless.

Why We are Better for the Celebrity Bump

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Having just spent some time deep in The Baby Bump (which, if asked, I would have titled, Bumping up Careers, One baby at a Time) in today’s New York Times, I want to first commend Jacob Bernstein for a well-researched, engaging piece and then slap him for missing the other side of the story. soldes coque iphone All he shares is true – he does a careful job of tracing the history of the thriving Bump Business. Mr. Bernstein tackles the profit center, career booster questions with savvy. What he misses is the positive side of the equation. coque iphone x He fails to examine how celebrity pregnancies, played out in public view actually give back and otherwise contribute to the experiences of more than 4-million pregnant women in this country. And so while, yes – there is a way to interpret celebrity pregnancy though the lens of commercialism, I suggest we take a bit of a deeper dive.

In defense and even appreciation to these celebrity gestaters – a quick inventory of what they are giving back along the road to baby:

  1. Normalized Pregnancy – Out of back rooms and suddenly on full view, while sometimes extreme, these very public pregnancies open the windows and doors WIDE and allow us to see a broader view of pregnancy (for better or for worse). coque iphone And with that there is a change in the candor, content and scope of dialog – not just on-set but around water coolers as well.
  1. New Vocabulary, Confidence and the rise of the “Experiential Pregnancy” – The Hollywood bump-set give pregnant women a sense of confidence, style, and a new view to a range of real, radiating beauty. coque iphone Since early aughts the style community has risen to the occasion as well – suddenly maternity fashion (thank you Liz Lange) and nursery décor (check out project nursery, for example) were elevated to meet the desires and aspirations of main street parents (In reaction to the new view of Melrose and Madison avenue parents). soldes coque iphone 2019 Our new vocabulary included (and does to this day) glow, maternity chic, fourth trimester, etc. – making the challenges and triumphs of one’s changing body and lifestyle a shared, open experience.
  1. Expectant Parents – before the celebrity baby boom hit, we did not include Dad in much of the baby talk. This wave of celebrity family has certainly played a part in bringing Dad into focus and view – what used to be “her” pregnancy became “our” pregnancy. And with the birth of a Dad came a new version of Dad, in a wide range of populations. This year saw the first male breastfeeding blogger, for example. And many a Diaper Dude is carried with paternal hipster pride.


  1. Celebrities have loaned their voices, status and energy to critical work focused on raising much needed funds and awareness for issues effecting all populations of families. I have been honored to work on a wide range of projects with expectant and new celebrity parents and remain grateful for all they have given back. They have raised their voices and pointed attention to causes that need it most. When Christie Turlington throws herself into Every Mother Counts or Jewel donates nursing bras in her name to Baby Buggy’s efforts in her adopted home state of Texas this ignites change. When Gwyneth Paltrow or Melissa Rycroft openly share their battle with postpartum depression (PPD) or Jennifer Garner discusses breast-feeding and back-to-work challenges it increases awareness and care around issues that were once quiet and cloaked.

The More Things Change…1990 All Over Again…

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

This has been a remarkable week. The launch of the Rebecca Minkoff for Bravado Designs Limited Edition Nursing Tank to Benefit Baby Buggy has captured the hearts, minds and attention of so many. I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished with this ground-breaking initiative. It is not just about breastfeeding or at-risk mothers and children or community or connection – it is about all of it and more. It is about weaving these parts together to create a new standard for care and a greater whole from the parts. I thought I would share some of what we accomplished – but there is time for that (spoiler alert – it is really impressive!!!).

What I am struck by is how often I have been asked about my philanthropic influences this week. coque iphone 2019 pas cher And as I tell the stories – I can help but want to revisit the early days…

Today I want to share the story of one of my significant philanthropic influences, David Bindeman. I need to share this story because he is not here to see what I have accomplished or laugh with me about the way in which he influenced me (any one who knew David knew he neither suggested or asked – he simply told me what to do) and moved me on my way on this most amazing path.

So here is the scene – it is 1990. I am a recent college graduate (all of you be quiet — and stop doing math on your fingers!!!) and I am sitting in David’s office. David Bindeman’s office. He is of one of Washington’s most influential men. I am there because David’s old friend Dick Simon (a dear family friend from Philadelphia) asked that David keep an eye on me in DC. I am also there because David is married to Carol who was a close childhood friend of my Aunt Susan. I am in my first “real” job – I make close to nothing and live off of a combination of happy hour food and Tortilla Coast (which is owned by a friend of mine who is more than happy to feed me in exchange for my bringing in the revolving cast of characters in my life). I am busy with work, book groups, tennis games and cooking classes. I am dating a former USC football player who calls me Maestro (see nothing changes!!!). coque iphone 2019 I am all about life in DC. I am so happy – happy to finally be “in the real world” — honestly, I don’t remember too many details. But I do remember being pretty buzzed about my little red MX-6 and my business cards! So now you have the context.

David calls me into his office. He tells me simply – ” I am on the board of JFGH (Jewish Foundation for Group Homes), they need some help and you are going to help me”. Well, of course I want to help. I don’t have money (understatement) and I let him know I would love to help but honestly I cannot afford the ticket to their gala and I don’t see that sort of thing in my near future. He looked at me (big – he was big on so many levels) and said – “you have friends — I want your friends”. He expained that the staff at JFGH were overlooking two key things – they had no plan for the next generation of support for the Foundation and they were not fully considering the social needs of the residents of the group homes. He said. “you will launch Young Friends of JFGH”. This seems logical enough to me. And, I agree. Pretty simple. We begin by brining in my friends to be spend time hanging with the residents. We have game nights, dinners – we have fun! Years pass (the football player is replaced by a nice Jewish boy!!!). The residents are engaged and respected. Relationships grow. The word and the mission spreads. soldes coque iphone It has a viral quality (that is not what we called it then). And we go to the gala (I remember my dress) – I think David may have even paid for a bunch of us. coque iphone 2019 He wanted to prove his hypothesis correct (and it was) — and we helped him make it so. The group remains in tact today.

Today I ran into Debbie Bindeman Kleinbord. soldes coque iphone We talk about her father. We talk about the initiative I launched this week. We laugh and we smile, rapt by the memory and how fortuitous it was to see each other on this day — really good stuff. And as I walk away, an amazing sense of “lucky timing” for having run into Debbie washes over me. I started thinking – really how is this 2012 moment with Influencers, Baby Buggy, Bravado and Rebecca Minkoff any different from what David enlisted me to do so many years ago? There is a formula, a methodology, a familiarity – trademark Julia which had its roots way back when. And really it comes down to this from 1990:

I was exposed to an issue.

I identified a strategy to do better – I kept it simple and from the heart (and I only agreed because it moved me).

I enlisted my friends and their collective power and voice to incite real change.

I engaged my community – to amplify what was possible.

And made it so.

So from there to here and whatever comes next –nothing feels better than when this works!

Thank you all for being part of this remarkable equation.

Cover Me – US Weekly goes two for two on the Bump Cycle, People validates

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson gets glowing – again!

Usually the holidays mark the beginning of the Bump Cycle — you know the old wive’s tales: cold nights, holiday cheer and short days lead to many late summer into fall babies. acheter coque iphone Some (ok me) predict a bit of a boom (SandyBoom that is) as byproduct of the horrid devastation a of Super-storm Sandy that swept through the East Coast in October. coqueiphone All of this remains in play.

What is curious is not about babies…but the way in which the Family Way dominated the Weeklies… coque iphone 7 This week the Bump Cycle started early:

December 3 issue of US Weekly is all about a blushing Kate Middleton and a smirky Prince William and a very royal baby watch – a non-story (Royals having sex hoping for positive results by Christmas) morphs into the cover story -simply put William and Kate getting busy on the way to baby story — as in “we plan to get pregnant” (even I must stand up and applaud that spin — brilliant really!). coque iphone No pregnancy but intention and action…
Not be undone by themselves – US Weekly pops the news today – Jessica Simpson annouces via an exclusive in the December 10th issue of US Weekly (spotted on-line today) that she is pregnant with baby number two — Surprise! Seven months into motherhood with her long-time fiancé they are over-the-moon (of course!)

December 10 -People magazine’s cover is all about Brad Pitt getting personal! And thus, coque iphone 2019 People becomes the big old baby validator. coque iphone en ligne A sexy, mature and confident (possible bias alert) Brad Pitt shares that parenting has made him a better man – which is great news for both Prince William and Eric Johnson.

And thus the Bump Cycle has hit full stride and early this year. coque iphone Outstanding questions remain – how many covers will each one of these pregnancies garner? Is there an over-under on the on-line coverage? And of course, who might be next?

This week,

SandyBoom – look for spike in August 2013 babies!

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Hurricane Sandy or Frankenstorm as it is affectionately being called, is shutting down the whole of the east coast with extreme wind, rain and even snow in the forecast. coque iphone 8 Conditions are dangerous enough to keep all of us indoors for the duration (think 3+ days). coque iphone Crowd sourcing shows that most are thinking comfort foods and cozy, candle lit fun. coque iphone 7 And some of us (namely the team here at Forty Weeks) are thinking about the baby boom or as we now call it, the SandyBoom that we will expect to see on the East Coast come late July and early August of 2013.

How big of a spike to expect is hard to say. coque iphone soldes How likely is this to come up again in the sunny, humid days of summer? Well that is easy to answer, in a word -very.

Sh*tty Mom Makes Our Day!

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Well sure we are busy – September is just days away… coque iphone 2019 and with that will come a wild roller coaster ride of things we hold dear. coque iphone What’s the best part? All of this amazing action is connected to philanthropy and all the result of a lot of hard work, love and commitment. soldes coque iphone Look forward to hearing more about our launch on September 24 of the Rebecca Minkoff for Bravado Designs Limited Edition Nursing Tank Collection to benefit Baby Buggy as well as the first Fashion Forward Conference featuring a panel led my me on that most magical of topics — Brands, Bloggers and the Bigger Picture. coque iphone pas cher Whew!

Which is why today, today we play — well not really.

Back to School for Grown-ups with Bruce Springsteen as my Teacher

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

I sat in the car and wept listening to a powerful live version of Bruce Springsteen’s The River this morning.

I connect to it differently each time I experience the song – sometimes I am back with that boy in Yardley, Pennsylvania and sometimes I am a 40-something mother in pain and out of options. Sometimes I am bold, accomplished even heroic – looking at my victories with beaming pride. coque iphone xs max Sometimes I am stalled and broken by a moment that just won’t release me.

Bruce looking just that way….

I think we all have a River — a thing or a place that serves as our home base. coque iphone 2019 pas cher It is a check-point that grounds us in what we think we know and gives us the strength and conviction to go and find what it is we want to know. It points us to who or where we began and where we imagine we will go. We need this safe place to allow us to experience the very human struggle of how to stay connected and not get stuck awhile at the same time we continue in ernest to go as far, as well and as real as we can.

For each of us this means something very different. coque iphone 2019 For me it remains a story of authenticity and strength – a question of honesty, integrity and truth. A struggle to continue to grow into the woman I desire to be from the girl I was when it all began. For me this place is a powerful, haunting, ever-evolving.

This morning I sat in the car and cried (not the first or the last time) as I listed to the song that I first heard (though clearly did not understand is its full depth or richness) as a young teenager in Philadelphia. There was amazing comfort in those tears. coque iphone 7 The River will never leave me or stop haunting me – nor will it stop sparking my intellect and my compassion. This morning I thought how very misleading long distances and time are. coque iphone We are never really all that far from any of those memories or those reminders. outlet coque iphone And so it should be.

It is back to school – the time when I ask each of my children to look ahead, set goals and make their intentions clear. And this morning, I was reminded that I need to do the same. Stop, slow-down, take the time to really listen, see and experience myself and the world I am building. coque iphone xr That is my plan – take inventory, pay attention and honor all that was and is about me. And I wish you the same — a moment of reflection and care for yourself.