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Goodbye 2011 — Bring on the New Year

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

As the year ends, I find myself slowing and reflecting – appropriate I would say after the wild ride that was 2011. Looking back this was a year of remarkable challenges and frankly some very happy endings. And when I wander back through the months – one thing stands out and that is commitment. The deep, undeniable commitment of the Forty Weeks team to their clients, projects, partners, ideals, core values and biggest picture view of what needs to happen next. I continue to be moved by the way in which the entire team reliably navigates with such grace and passion. And frankly the results impress even the very hard-to-please me!

I am lucky to be surrounded by such remarkable people, engaging projects and to be at the epicenter of such a vibrant industry.

What do I see for 2012? Funny you should ask…


This sector of our business continues to grow and thrive – in fact, this particular sweet spot of ours has lined up perfectly with the needs of some of our oldest industry friends as well as international newcomers, expanding brands and organizations in transition. The process of stopping and defining via the Forty Weeks Road Map has led some of our clients on the way to the very best of what is next for them – and of course, we take great pride in these critical accomplishments. Look for Forty Weeks to continue to lead the category in strategy and for new brands to find their way to our innovative methodologies.


It is where I live – in clear lane of ALL mothers needing the tools to survive and thrive for themselves, their children and their families. I have had a long-standing commitment to bringing the Forty Weeks savvy to a wide scope of philanthropic organizations. This year, expect to see some new milestones – think both brands and non-profits raising the bar both on what they will do to reach much needed funding milestones and awareness and also on what they will deliver to all women. This is both energizing and incredibly exciting for all parties and something we will take great pride in on an ongoing basis. Some hints – think celebrity, programming, anniversary and celebration.


There is a great deal to say about how the collective sum of the women I connect with on a daily basis is much greater than the individual parts. And the parts are outstanding too!  It is community made up all of some incredible secret sauce.  And with that power, commitment and drive I can hardly wait to see what comes next! Well I may have a little idea, but you will need to stay tuned…


Join us as we explore a wide range of topics with some of the brightest women in the business. Expect new, provocative topics, insights and calls to action in 2012!


Oh yes, I will keep my “Fairy Godmother” wand well polished,  my bump-style spree step-out in high gear, my craving radar at the ready and my pampering play list well studied — this is the fun part, and I would not pass on the privilege of sharing a little Gestational Girl-time for all the tea in China (oooh, tea sounds good!!!).


I did hear a little something…


Yes, there is lots brewing here and mainly I will say, stay tuned and you will not be disappointed

Am I a tease?  Well yes, I am – but I promise the “what comes next” is the stuff that makes us all glad we came along for the ride. Happy New Year and I will see you all, with bells on, in 2012!

EOY – time to reflect, redirect and recharge

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Here we are – December.

Tonight the sun set early, the moon hung low and oh so full, and I was just a little quieter than usual.

It’s been a long December, and there’s reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last (thank you beautiful Adam Durwitz for your uncanny ability to wrap the disappointment and the optimism into one melodic package).

And with the end of year – comes the time to reflect with real purpose…the goal is simple – celebrate the good, learn from the rest and build on it all of as we enter 2012.

Thank you to the amazing team, clients and friends of Forty Weeks who help to make it so each and every day. You are the good, the buzz and the juice. Without you there is not much to say.

This year we saw a lot of our clients “come of age” – grow to new heights even leave the nest…we are always proud to have played such a vital role in these powerful stories. We saw old friends come to us with new, inspired ideas and we joined them as they worked tirelessly to make their visions real. We saw clients acquired, partnerships solidified and best of all we saw the results of passion, strategy and focus…all things that make Forty Weeks hum.

As for redirection, expect even more of a pivot towards our philanthropic partners and their role as marketing partners to our beloved brands. Expect more integration and certainly more celebration as brands and friends reach major milestones in 2012 (Bravado will turn 20, R Baby Foundation 5 and more!).

And now, time to recharge. The next few weeks will include a very special and overdue personal celebration followed by a family trip to my beloved Paris and London.

I can’t wait to see what comes next.

A very merry to all….

The Way It Is…

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Acela North, NYC, W, Union Square, Fly Wheel, Blow, Chelsea Market, walk cross town, 71 Irving, US Cafe, Tarlucci et Vino, ABC Kitchen, Acela South, DC, Repeat…and that is why I am the Queen of the Acela, the Eloise of the W, Union Square and always sorry to go…

All Signs Point NORTH!

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Lots of 2012 planning with my clients to the North – Looking forward to high quality, super-energized time with Medela, Bravado and the Forty Weeks team!

Musings from your Fairy Godmother…

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Today on Twitter I was overwhelmed and completely moved by being referred to as a Fairy Godmother. It was not the first time (thank you David Gaunt  for the Dolly Levi comparison), but I must admit – in the big, reality show world of experts, gurus, and other super savants – all titles that clearly do not suit me, this one feels right. I know my wise friend Samantha Ettus would agree – this is my personal brand.

Nadia and Julia - Babymoon in NYC!

Nadia and Julia - Babymoon in NYC!

I have been in this space for quite a long time. And I have seen a great deal (understatement). Feel free to pursue the Back Labor Blog for a sense of just some of the madness I have witnessed.  I have seen brands, trends and individuals rise from obscurity, take hold or more often than not – fade away. I have coined, encouraged, mentored, mediated and managed. I have advised, advocated and sometimes (ok, maybe more than sometimes) agitated. But in the final analysis what it comes down to is this – PEOPLE.  

I have fought hard for one thing the care and feeding of expectant and new parents – ALL new parents. Be it my early, impassioned aspiration of helping brands to speak intelligently and with care to this very eager but also suddenly vulnerable  market of new and expectant parents, or my desire to create real-time access to honest information from which parents can make informed decisions –  or my sincere belief that brands, influencers and consumers alike have a real obligation to give back in a way that allows all parents access to this level of care and yes, honest, clear information.  I have raised the bar and insisted that this industry can operate from a place of  integrity and respect.  And I am relentless in my pursuit and maintenance of this standard (mandate). It is no secret I am as tough as I am generous and I like it that way.

It is about respect. And with that comes care – and yes Jessica, Nadia and all of you beautiful creatures, that includes a blow-out and decadent nibbles when you are feeling at the end of your pregnancy rope. Because, to me, that is part of it too. There is fun to be had, life to celebrate and certainly there are quality relationships to forge.  So, Bippity, Bobitty, Boop– I am happy – no, I am ecstatic,  to be the Fairy godmother – it is nothing short of an honor and am I both humbled and proud.

And so while people keep popping up (oh should I have said Pope-ing) up in the expectant and new parent space – I am happy to let them have their Fifteen Minutes, two-seasons, blog-of-the-moment, what-ever floats their boat.   If you need me, I will be here with my magic wand, making it so….

Sunny….the way we like it

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Welcome to a Sunny Morning in Bethesda…it is a day which promises great ideas taking form, top-notch people showing up at the table and ends with The Moth in DC…All great stuff!!!

Making Plans to Embrace My Inner PunditMom with the One and Only….

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Tonight we will fete my beautiful and brilliant friend Joanne Bamberger (aka PunditMom). I am  so looking forward to an evening of super savvy and sharp women hosted by the ever-wonderful, Jodifur!

Good grief, no relief! It is 97 degrees here in Portland, Maine!

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Blazing Hot for the Bump Crowd

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

There is nothing to discuss….103 is HOT. And the humidity just adds insult to injury. So really, what is a pregnant girl to do. I am thinking of specific of two of my favorite raven haired Mamas – Sarah Evans and Nadine Carriere. So, with you two Lovies in mind, here in my Forty Weeks Fix for this nasty dog day of summer.

 I would first suggest a good move (Midnight in Paris comes to mind) with all of the delicious AC that comes with it.  Add in some juicy summer fruits and cool, ice-cube laden drinks. Next, some easy, breezy couture to keep things looking and feeling cool. I am thinking of both of you today in swelter-land, and sending you a cool breeze (even if only in spirit).  Here are some best bets for beating the heat:

Image 1

I never tire of Nuka for great summer looks!

NOM Lavender Zora Maxi Dress

Nom Strapless - cool and chic!

Classic Summer Stripes in Ivory and Black

Bastille Day…the best of my French Food Adventures

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

one all of my all time favorites - L'Oustalet in Gigondas, France

One all of my all time favorites - L'Oustalet in Gigondas, France

Weekend Market - Uzes, France
Weekend Market – Uzes, France
cheese in Annecy

Cheese in Annecy

Oh France can not come soon enough….bon (or Bob!!) appetit!