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Pretty Mama

Friday, December 29th, 2006

News! Julia Roberts will give birth to her third child this summer! This news according to Page Six. Julia Roberts’ pregnancy news (along with the birth of the Diddy twins) marks an early to start to some of the key trends I see for 2007. To name a few:

Bigger Broods — Look for larger families from the celebrity Belly set (and certainly on Main street as well).

Multiple Mania — This will be the year of the multiple — expect twins and more twins and an emerging culture to support the boom.

Aspriational Pregnancy — Pregnancy and motherhood will continue to have an aspirational aspect to it with even those out of the demo paying careful attention and dreaming along!

Pregnancy By Association — This will continue, as expectant fathers, siblings, grandparents and even pets get in on the action.

Green as the new Luxe — Super smart, responsible choices dominate as the new luxury among parents.

Looking forward to an execptional 2007!

I Digress (no, really?!?!)

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Last week I a took a break from the routine around here (as if there is a predictable day at Forty Weeks) to attend a Symposium with Jewish Women International’s 2006 Women to Watch Honorees and then a luncheon in honor of my very dear friend Rabbi Sue Shankman. Going into the day I was beaming with pride as my friend, Sue, was the recipient of the Community Leadership Award and I was beyond thrilled for her and this honor which she so clearly deserves. I went to the Symposium really to get out of my head. I was enamored with the idea of taking it in as opposed to offering my point of view. It was more than nice to sit in the audience and not on the stage. I sat next to Sue’s husband Mike and really filled my mind and soul with the wisdom of some mighty fine women!

The diversity and the quality of the women on the stage was astounding: Michelle Bernstein, Perri, Klass, Susan Manheimer, Marcella Roennburg, Marcella Kanfer Rolnick, Carol Shapiro, Cindy Spiegel, Aviva Tessler, Lorey Zlotnick and Rabbi Karyn Kedar – all filled the room with their experience, wisdom and their clear commitment to leaving the world a better place and creating their own unique mark to leave behind.

Even better – I had encouraged my friends and clients to help me build a Forty Weeks raffle prize that would be nothing short of extraordinary. Lil Dipper, Zutano, Graco, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Soho Parenting, Baby Daze and more all stepped up to the plate. Our offering was Forty Weeks Fantastic! And the BEST PART – according to Stephanie Schneider at JWI, the woman who won has been TTC for sometime and took this as a sign that it was time for something magical to happen!!! So we wish the winner, Oya a very fruitful new year…lets see what happens next!

Well, a little off the beaten track – but a journey well worth sharing!


Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

I just saw the most adorable pictures of Shon Gable’s new baby boy! Congratulations to you Shon, and to your “boys” as well — thanks for sharing and for including me in this incredible time!

Tis the Season….

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Very busy days here…the Forty Weeks elves are hard at work getting our goodies out to our beloved clients. There is really no perfect way to say thank you for a year of exciting work and great camaraderie – but we did our best!

And, despite the obvious “HOLIDAYS” designation on the calendar, we have been ridiculously busy! Mostly with expanded strategy proposals, new business documents and such. A few of our clients have really stepped up to the plate, asking to enter some brave new territory with us in 2007. Of course this is just the kind of thing that we adore…so – what to expect:

More philanthropic milestones and commitments from our clients
More celebrity and influencer outreach
More “face time” from our clients with “Momfluencers” in top cities
More integrated programs – stretching client dollars and expanding their reach
More content (multi-media)
More partnerships
Expanded media coverage for Lending Closet clients

And that is just on the consulting side…stay tuned for more on Forty Weeks content and our plans for 2007….

Playing Dress-up!

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Thanks to Janeen Koban for her inspired pick of Isabella Oliver’s Black Turtleneck Dress ( you rememebr the one — of Bryce Dallas Howard on Oprah fame) for her little black dress round-up in the December Issue of American Baby Magazine.

Isabella Oliver – Cover Girl!!!

Monday, December 11th, 2006

Isabella Oliver has their first US cover — mom-to-be (part of Time Inc.’s Parenting Group) Fall/Winter 2007 features the ever-chic and cozy ivory shawl wrap cardi (also worn by Shon Gables on The View for those of you keeping score at home).

Sign of the Times

Monday, December 11th, 2006

Yesterday’s New York Times included a feature on the new website for parents, launching on Tuesday – called The piece written by cultural commentator extraordinaire, Pamela Paul – attempts to walk us through our evolution to Babble and what we should expect both in terms of content as well as from the publishing side.

Pamela interviewed me at length for this piece. And we had a fantastic and provocative time discussing both the state of parenthood and publishing (for those who don’t have my personal history committed to memory, I have logged many hours in the world of publishing and niche publishing in specific – this remains one of my favorite topics – so tie this in with Forty Weeks and we could close the joint!!!)

My quote:

“This is a new generation of parents who are interested in taking their existing lifestyle, sense of self and priorities into parenting, as opposed to checking them at the parenthood door,” said Julia Beck, founder of 40 Weeks, a consultancy serving the expectant- and new-parent market. “They’re looking for ways to infuse their personality and aesthetic into this new phase of life, and all this new lifestyle parenting media reflects that.”

I received a great deal of feedback from the piece. Most of what was shared was positive (I am the messenger and people do occasionally attempt to, despite the well worn cliché, attempt to kill the messenger) and most are very eager for Babble to hit tomorrow. Add me to that list….

The Boys of Decemeber

Monday, December 11th, 2006

How about this — on December 1 – three little boys made their way into the world (of Forty Weeks)…

Congratulations to Risa Goldberg founder of Big City Moms and her family on their new twin boys! Hallie is now a big sister and Risa and Steven are officially busy!

Also sending love and best wishes to Pamela Paul on her son Toby who looks to be a delicious little boy and who is (so far) charming his big sister quite nicely!

Still waiting to hear from Shon Gables, who at the time I wrote this was waiting for her Dylan to arrive!

Welcome to all the boys of December!

Sugar Plum Fairy!

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

Isabella Oliver’s Plum Ruffle Wrap dress is a winner! Marcia Cross, sporting the dress made the pages of US Weekly! The excitement continues to grow as we plan Baukjen and Vanessa’s debut in the Sates for 2007. First stop — LA. Expect to see more and more innovative and amazing stuff happening in the world of Isabella Oliver(because, in addition to their breathtaking talent, they have got the magic of the Forty Weeks Fairies working for them, of course!!!)…


Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

As of Decemeber 1, 2006 the world has gotten wind of another Julia Beck talent — and I swear, this will blow your mind….I can cook (and not just a little)! So to mark the occasion (I am being wee bit sarcastic here, I really adore cooking just not cleaning) and have been featured in The Family Groove along with some of my favorite women in the biz (Uli Belinky, Lisa Spiegel, Gigi Lee Chang, Amy Abreu and more) who can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan (and really other than Lisa who is the world’s best cleaner, I am not sure who else likes cleaning which is why that part is and was always left out!!!!). A special thanks to Jillian Swartz at The Family Groove for making this piece happen.