We’re Bully on the Belly

Forty Weeks is a leading-edge strategic consulting firm, unique in our focus on building rich relationships with the new and expectant mother. Right now, there are more than 4 million pregnant women in the U.S, plus a raft of eager expectant fathers, grandparents-to-be and supportive friends. Forty Weeks opens the door to this lucrative market. We consult and guide companies that want to super-serve this category with innovative products and services. Most importantly, we are able to reach this market early and with a message that rings true and grows with the consumer even as her life moves at warp speed. We draw upon our proven toolbox of marketing, PR, promotions, advertorials, celebrity seeding, social media, launch events, partnerships and more to find success for our clients.
Our services include:


Julia Beck is well known as a leading voice in the pregnancy and maternity niche. Her background in publishing combined with her passion for the category make her the uniquely qualified to direct any advertorial project. From ideating and partner selection/negotiation to content execution and integrated follow-up, Julia’s trademark ability to simplify the process and multiply the ROI is undisputed. Julia understands how men and women experience this amazing life stage as well as how brands can best communicate with the desired results. Her extensive branding experience, real life as a mother and passion for the category combine into an uncanny sense of “what’s next.”


Figuring out “what comes next” is what makes us tick! The Forty Week’s team works closely with manufacturers, retailers, publishers, non-profits and other companies helping them to design a clear and cost effective path to reach the expectant and new mother market. Forty Weeks can position, brand, time and deliver messages in distinctive ways that engage this highly desirable audience. Our programs are custom designed to address our clients’ needs – from full-blown brand development strategy to product launch tactical media placements and everything in between – we are able to direct our clients to success (and nothing makes us prouder!). Whether it is influencer outreach, celebrity seeding, local market “momfiltration”, social media campaigns, retail promotions, advertorials, celebrity seeding, launch events, partnerships or something new – we are tireless in our pursuit of success for our clients. Our clear understanding of the expectant parent market, years of experience and commitment to excellence make Forty Weeks an ideal partner in growth.


A favorite client once called Julia Beck the “human LinkedIn” of the industry – and why not (other than we’ve been around longer)?!? Connecting like-minded brands is smart strategy. Figuring out who fits with whom and how they can grow together short and even longer-term is a worthy challenge and one that brings our clients great rewards. Our focus is on building equitable, lucrative, exciting and fair unions that meet our client’s goals and objectives. Whether it is a one-off promotional project, an integrated marketing campaign or a philanthropic partnership Forty Weeks applies their years of industry knowledge, trend-forward vision and connections to finding the ideal partnership.


It has never been more important to give back. Be it big or small – local or national – there is so very much to be done. Everywhere you look – help is needed. And Philanthropic Moms are there to lead the charge!