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Julia Beck and FortyWeeks

Founded in 1999, Forty Weeks is a leading-edge strategic consulting firm with an exclusive focus on the expectant and new mother.

We speak to the 4 million-plus pregnant women in this country who are embracing this exciting time with verve, personal style and the same kind of smarts they bring to the rest of their lives. We see the trends and keep ourselves in the know. We are dedicated to constantly fine tuning our craft of consistently reaching expectant parents both early and honestly. Forty Weeks is the conduit for products, services and information that enhance the experience of pregnancy and motherhood. We use our fluency in the language of pregnancy to help companies create a message and format a strategy that will effectively reach this market.

Julia Beckphoto by Juana Arias-Lutzky

About Julia Beck

Julia Beck, founder of Forty Weeks, knows the pregnancy and motherhood lifestyle. Julia is the leading authority and strategic advisor to the expectant and new parent category. Known as a very well connected “Fairy Godmother” and sage counsel – Julia leads brands directly to their target and to their success.

A prominent marketing strategist based in Washington, DC and New York City, she noticed and experienced the huge number of unmet needs of pregnant women while pregnant with her first child in 1998. Recognizing a glaringly overlooked market, Forty Weeks was created to develop products and services with a clear focus on the woman and her experience throughout (and beyond) her forty-week journey.

Before the mainstream media made celebrity pregnancy and motherhood a favorite cover story Julia was already ahead of the belly on trends in maternity lifestyle. She continues to uncover “what’s next” in the pre-and post-natal marketplace, and work with the companies that fill those needs. She serves as an expert voice, helping the media to better understand this highly experiential market and its many nuances. Julia understands how a new baby changes every family’s consumer behavior, opening them and their extended family to new products and services. As the category’s definitive elder statesman and strategic partner – Julia and her team help companies design a strategy and message so that their products effectively reach this powerful, niche market.

She lives in Chevy Chase, MD with her husband Robert and their children Matthew, Rebecca, Lila and Samuel.

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