Low Budget Launch

HELLO NEW YORK – Capturing the Imagination & allegiance of parents and retailers


With limited budget and high expectations, Forty Weeks was challenged with the task of introducing teutonia in the most influencer rich, consumer savvy and trend-setting market in the country. A formable target, New York, offered the potential for high gains both in sales and in brand awareness but also required great care, market knowledge and attention to detail.

The core of the geocentric launch focused on three key New York City populations: Parents, Influencers and Retailers. The work in NY then served as a template for a series of other geo-launches and also to create a solid and exciting national brand platform and foundation for continued growth and expansion.

Media Partner:

Cookie Magazine’s NYC circulation specific to a high-end, early adapter and aspirational female psychographic was selected as a media partner (NYC buy only). The readership profile in tandem with the self-identified trend-setting definition of the publication provided a solid core partnership through which to grow the brand.


Based on shifts in the economic climate and national psyche, we quickly added to our agenda, the identification of new language/focal points for teuntonia. Our objective was to communicate the true value of teutonia to the uninitiated while taking care not to exclude based on any overt or accidental insensitivity to shifts caused by the dramatic economic downturn. Our extensive exploration/research led us away from a fashion message to a conversation about choice. The new concept was that each of us places a different value on different things – our priorities were not the same – however, what we felt was important – our priorities were what we were willing to invest in with passion. Our message- freedom of choice was a powerful and ultimate luxury. And being able to make choices and manage your life around your personal priorities and passions was paramount to NYC parents.


To illustrate and bring to life this key concept of choice and priorities we set out to honor a targeted group of NYC mothers who where shining examples of personal priorities in motion. We built a panel of 12 women who have chosen to live their passions through their NYC based businesses that touch other parents. The selected women all had unique POVs, successful businesses and were very real and aspirational NYC mothers. Also, each had a powerful following, ability to promote teutonia and an interest in fully engaging in our program. We centered our campaign around R Baby (a foundation focused on improving the quality of pediatric emergency care in the US) and in specific their Mother’s Day Run/Walk Family Fun Day (expected attendance 6-10,000) in Central Park. We would use this event as our launch, at which we would provide teutonia branded stroller parking, display a tuetonia, seed tuetonia’s to participating celebrities, and gather names via a tuetonia stroller giveaway. We would further create awareness by having celebrities sign and be shot with a teutonia on the event step and repeat, create a myriad of teutonia branded materials in the park and drive traffic to our post mother’s day events via promotional materials.

Mother’s Day in Central Park to benefit R Baby then dovetailed into an exciting series of “meet, greet and design” personal appearances with the Mother’s of Note – the 12 women who though their personal priorities and passions have built businesses that touch women in NY and around the world.

Integrated Communications Strategy:

The entire, HELLO NEW YORK promotion was supported by an integrated, layered communications strategy including:

  • Cookie in-book campaign
  • Cookie Advertorial
  • Cookie online campaign
  • Cookie dedicated emails
  • Teutonia microsite
  • Teutoinia POS materials
  • RBaby event materials
  • Rbaby website
  • Rbaby PR efforts
  • Rbaby Celebrity wrangling
  • Social Media outreach
  • Influencer level PR
  • Additional partnerships (Belly Bars, various authors)


  • Sales 35% Increase
  • Web traffic 400% increase
  • Brand Awareness:  Significant increase (focus group data)
  • Retailer Awareness: Significant increase (informal polling)