Integrated Strategic Growth

Bravado Designs, the Canadian-based company that boldly introduced the first leopard-print nursing bra in 1992, asked Forty Weeks to initiate a strategic growth program aimed at expanding its business in a variety of new directions.

Leveraging the brand’s foothold in the category, Forty Weeks initiated a multi-layered approach that would take the company from nursing bra manufacturer to holistic brand – serving as a valuable resource by way of its products, but also for breastfeeding education, information, support and community.

While continued emphasis was placed on building product and brand awareness via traditional marketing tools (targeted media outreach, celebrity seeding, retail marketing, etc.), Forty Weeks also led the brand through an internal redesign to help them speak directly to their target audience. Tactics included aggressively growing Bravado’s database of nursing mothers, enhancing online breastfeeding content and education at, establishing a high-profile and engaged presence on Facebook and Twitter and developing the Bravado Breastfeeding Diaries – a blog chronicling the intimate tales of motherhood from a variety of different perspectives. Additionally, Forty Weeks explored and developed concepts for a Bravado Mobile Nursing Lounge. Designed to intersect with the target audience where they live and play, this initiative took the concept of support and community to the street.

Further solidifying the brand’s leadership positioning, Forty Weeks created and launched the Bravado Breastfeeding Information Council (BBIC) – an essential media resource in 2009. Built from the company’s extensive database of nursing mothers (now numbering over 80,000) the Council provides accurate, timely and non-biased information, statistics and trends to journalists covering the category.

As a result of this intentional, multi-layered approach, Bravado experienced growth and brand expansion in the following targeted areas:

  • Increased sales.
  • Increased brand awareness as the pre-eminent resource for both product and breastfeeding information, education and community.
  • Strengthened relationships with retailers and consumers.
  • An established and engaged social media presence (Nearly 3,000 Facebook fans and 3,900 Twitter followers in 12 months)