Baby Buggy

Connecting Celebrities, Corporations and Causes for Good


Forty Weeks has been the constant conduit and cornerstone in Bravado’s ongoing relationship with Baby Buggy. What is now a successful and mature program, was at first, born out of the intersection of Bravado’s propriety research around first generation breast feeders (those who were not breastfed themselves) via the another Forty Weeks’ initiative the, Breastfeeding Information Council (BBIC) in 2009 and the brand’s ongoing commitment to all mothers.  The BBIC data indicated that women who did not receive an appropriate level of support from their inner-circle had much lower initiation rates and higher early drop-off rates – their breastfeeding was truly dependant on the quality of support they received. And while Forty Weeks and Bravado clearly understood the data, the correlations and the challenge – and could certainly use it to support Bravado’s target consumer, it did not afford any clear opportunity to address or manage the issues among at-risk populations.

At the same time, Jessica Seinfeld’s Baby Buggy began working closely with the Nurse Family Partnership supporting their specific curriculum and mission to provide just such personalized pre- and post-natal care to at-risk new and expectant mothers. This critical initiative was being led by Baby Buggy’s new executive director and under her careful and focused leadership, was literally changing the lives of mothers and babies in New York. Upon learning of the program and its impact, Forty Weeks made an introduction and negotiated what would become an ongoing relationship between the brand the philanthropic organization. Upon Forty Weeks’ urging, Bravado quickly stepped up to the plate and shipped thousands of nursing bras to New York.  The level of excitement, encouragement and success with these women immediately increased. We saw higher initiation rates followed by longer commitments to breastfeeding – this impact was both impressive and encouraging.  It remains so.

Forty Weeks has long been managing influencer and celebrity outreach on behalf of Bravado. Fans of Bravado include a very impressive list of who’s who among mothers-of-note. From time to time Forty Weeks would engage a celebrity to “do more”. This included: Angie Harmon (Children’s Institute), Jenni Hogan (Nurturing Expression) and both netted high levels of media exposure/recognition as well as helping Bravado to stay true to its brand mission, ideals and values of caring for all women. In 2011, Forty Weeks was eager to find a way to take this triangulation and really maximize it – providing equal and powerful PR/ category leadership opportunities for the brand, the philanthropic organization and celebrity while at the same time helping even more women. From this the Jewel campaign was born.

The campaign which was announced on June 23, 2011 has (to date) netted 12 on-line media hits with 9,157,113 unique views.  These were further amplified via SM vehicles such as Twitter and Facebook . The good will generated in just the early weeks of this campaign has been echoed by end-consumers, retailers and influencers.  The scope, scale and impact of this initiative is spot on with Bravado’s goals across the brand. This campaign has hit four major markers:

  • We aligned our brand with a well-regarded celebrity (Jewel).
  • Partnered with a highly known influencer (Jessica Seinfeld).
  • Collaborated with a philanthropic organization (Baby Buggy) that is actively serving at-risk women, helping us to fulfill our brand ideal of helping more women.
  • Garnered an unprecedented amount of media exposure for Bravado.