About the Back Labor Blog

Julia Beck

Forty Weeks Founder Julia Beck takes you behind the velvet ropes in the brave new world of Bump and Baby. Pregnancy trends, media coverage of parenting, research and recent findings, celebrity pregnancy and baby, the business that keeps it all in motion are among the topics that Julia covers in her signature candid and open style.

I have no idea what Webster's says about it - but Julia says: Back Labor is the ultimate pain on the way to the most delicious reward! Back labor hurts like a bitch, but it's all worth it in the end. And that about sums up our "lives behind the velvet ropes" here at Forty Weeks. We invite you into our Labor Room - via the Forty Weeks' Back Labor Blog. Read about how we do what we do, and follow along our labor of love that really pays off for our clients, and hear a little about the juicy behind-the-scenes bits, too!

And Forty Weeks wouldn't be who we are without the people - our dedicated crew and the BFFs of Forty Weeks and, of course - you too! We love to hear your comments, so please join in the conversation.